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Banh mi = success

7 Mar

After an especially long and hunger-inducing shift at my favorite Steamboat Springs Tex-Mex restaurant, I came home to these, the most satisfying and amazing and salty and greasy Banh Mi sandwiches I have ever tasted. Kudos to Zach for knowing that fried ground pork is always the right choice.

Pork meatballs seasoned with a heavy dose of garlic, what may or may not have been too much salt, and a few bunches of basil; sriracha sauce with yogurt, honey, lime and soy; crusty French rolls; pickled carrots and red onion; diced cucumber. This sandwich made for even score against everything I have ever cooked (probably combined).

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Accidental recipe: Char Siu BLT

10 Jan

Given too much time and access to the Internet, my charity dinner themes can tend to get a little inflated.

So back at the beginning of football season, food52.com ran a chicken wing contest: http://www.food52.com/contests/175

That contest led to a finger-food themed menu, initially intended to include chicken wings and a vegetable item or two. But then we just happened to end up with pork belly. And then we just happened to end up making pulled pork egg rolls, pork dumplings, pork belly confit and pumpkin cheesecake-filled wontons. We were on a vaguely pan-Asian-themed, cholesterol-slicked roll.

And that led to one of our best charity dinner discoveries to date: the Char Siu BLT.

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