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Espresso cookies with chocolate and cherries

21 Apr

Because I needed an excuse to buy more coffee products.

These cookies are crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, with a strong espresso taste up front. I like milk chocolate for the chips — it mellows out some of the bitterness of the coffee, and highlights the tartness of the dried cherries.

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Panna cotta: Mocha-mint Irish cream

20 Feb

Clearly, if you’re going to be making four kinds of panna cotta in one go, you will be needing to make more than one that includes some sort of spirit.

Based on the classic Irish cream and coffee, this variation uses chopped, espresso-flavored chocolate (one of many tastes from my new organic market — read: walking distance from my house — chocolate obsession, Green & Black’s chocolate bars), Bailey’s Irish cream and fresh mint leaves.

Again, it is based on the Basic Panna Cotta recipe, outlined in Panna Cotta bonanza. Keep with the clicking for the Mocha-mint recipe.

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