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Stuffed pasta shells

26 Feb

For last Sunday’s charity dinner, we made stuffed pasta shells two ways: non-meat no-mushrooms, and meat (there also were other ingredients).

With one side of the pan going the spinach-artichoke-broccoli-carrot-feta-ricotta route, and the other leaning toward the chicken-peppers-onions-mushrooms-ricotta-mozzarella side, it was a pasta shell extravaganza. The chunky tomato sauce was lifted/adapted from the most recent issue of Esquire.

Read on for the recipes.

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BBQ pulled pork tacos

28 Jan

Slow cooker + pork shoulder + apple cider vinegar + brown sugar = magic.

Definitely planning these BBQ pulled pork tacos for an upcoming charity dinner. They combine a vinegary, spicy and sweet, North Carolina-inspired pulled pork BBQ with a roasted jalapeno and cilantro slaw, queso fresco, and cilantro-lime sour cream. Have yet to eat them for a meal, but have eaten two of them.

Here’s the recipe. It’s derived mostly from a pulled pork recipe on www.epicurious.com, and a little bit from condiments that are delicious:

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Recipe: Tomato soup with basil and roasted garlic

24 Jan

We had a soup-themed charity dinner this week, with tomato-basil and broccoli-potato-cheddar anchoring the menu. They’re two of my favorite kinds of soup (that has nothing to do with their adaptability to cheese, promise), and I just couldn’t make it through the week without eating more of them.

Unfortunately, we ate all the soup at charity dinner, so I had to make more. Fortunately, I have some pretty amazing soup-lunch plans for the next few days.

This post is home to a work-in-progress version of a chunky tomato soup with basil and roasted garlic. It uses canned diced tomatoes, a few fresh Roma tomatoes, a head of roasted garlic, yellow onion, fresh basil, chicken stock, milk, butter, and a spice mix that seems to have magically appeared in our apartment (made up of dried peppers, kosher salt, garlic, onion, various Italian herbs, and raw sugar).

Read on for the recipe.


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Recipe: Soy dipping sauce

18 Jan

I will believe absolutely anything Mark Bittman writes or says.

Small, oily fishes are a wonder-food? Sure — that’s why there’s a misshapen, gallon-sized bag of them in our freezer.

That would be better if you made it with pork? Well, duh.

So when I decided to go with a general pan-Asian theme for this Sunday’s charity dinner, I consulted my two favorite Bittman-related resources: the classic “How to Cook Everything,” and the Asian-leaning “Best Recipes in the World.” Here’s the problem: both books are bulky, and I love them, and I was afraid to get hoisin all over them. Things got a little adjusted, based on a slightly skewed memory of the recipes on the other side of the room. Here’s my take on Bittman’s soy dipping sauce (paired with pork potstickers in his books, but good on anything that is not cereal (probably; cereal theory is untested)):

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Accidental recipe: Char Siu BLT

10 Jan

Given too much time and access to the Internet, my charity dinner themes can tend to get a little inflated.

So back at the beginning of football season, food52.com ran a chicken wing contest: http://www.food52.com/contests/175

That contest led to a finger-food themed menu, initially intended to include chicken wings and a vegetable item or two. But then we just happened to end up with pork belly. And then we just happened to end up making pulled pork egg rolls, pork dumplings, pork belly confit and pumpkin cheesecake-filled wontons. We were on a vaguely pan-Asian-themed, cholesterol-slicked roll.

And that led to one of our best charity dinner discoveries to date: the Char Siu BLT.

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