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BBQ chicken pizza

21 Apr

The charity dinner theme a few weeks back was pizza.

A predictable thing happened: I did not allow time for making, or even buying, pizza crust. Thankfully, “How to Cook Everything” provided a perfect excuse to take the east way out: Mark Bittman told me I could. His permission to use flour tortillas as pizza crust worked well with this recipe:

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BBQ pulled pork tacos

28 Jan

Slow cooker + pork shoulder + apple cider vinegar + brown sugar = magic.

Definitely planning these BBQ pulled pork tacos for an upcoming charity dinner. They combine a vinegary, spicy and sweet, North Carolina-inspired pulled pork BBQ with a roasted jalapeno and cilantro slaw, queso fresco, and cilantro-lime sour cream. Have yet to eat them for a meal, but have eaten two of them.

Here’s the recipe. It’s derived mostly from a pulled pork recipe on www.epicurious.com, and a little bit from condiments that are delicious:

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