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Banh mi = success

7 Mar

After an especially long and hunger-inducing shift at my favorite Steamboat Springs Tex-Mex restaurant, I came home to these, the most satisfying and amazing and salty and greasy Banh Mi sandwiches I have ever tasted. Kudos to Zach for knowing that fried ground pork is always the right choice.

Pork meatballs seasoned with a heavy dose of garlic, what may or may not have been too much salt, and a few bunches of basil; sriracha sauce with yogurt, honey, lime and soy; crusty French rolls; pickled carrots and red onion; diced cucumber. This sandwich made for even score against everything I have ever cooked (probably combined).

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Panna cotta: Basil and Bulleit

19 Feb

At the Truffle Pig in Steamboat Springs, they make a mean cocktail. On their list of tasty, seasonal selections is the Bulleit and Basil, a blend of fresh basil, Bulleit bourbon (read: delicious) and lemon. Thinking of variations on the fabulous, crowd-pleasing and addictive panna cotta recipe I knocked out every Monday — and on approximately 45,000 other occasions — at North Fork Ranch, tasty drinks came to mind.

It’s based on the Basic Panna Cotta recipe in the previous post. Keeping the same proportions of milk and cream, this take involves steeping the heavy cream with lemon zest, fresh basil, honey and a generous splash of Bulleit before adding it to the milk-and-bloomed-gelatin mixture.

(Note: I bought that plate at Wal-Mart just for pretty food pictures. But I might still prefer our plastic monkey plates, shaped like plastic monkey faces.)

Read on for the Basil and Bulleit panna cotta recipe.

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