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Stuffed pasta shells

26 Feb

For last Sunday’s charity dinner, we made stuffed pasta shells two ways: non-meat no-mushrooms, and meat (there also were other ingredients).

With one side of the pan going the spinach-artichoke-broccoli-carrot-feta-ricotta route, and the other leaning toward the chicken-peppers-onions-mushrooms-ricotta-mozzarella side, it was a pasta shell extravaganza. The chunky tomato sauce was lifted/adapted from the most recent issue of Esquire.

Read on for the recipes.

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Mediterranean potstickers

17 Feb

Dumplings are one of my favorite snacks/appetizers/things-t0-eat-as-meals-that-are-not-in-fact-meals. Steamed, pan-fried or deep-fried, they’re perfect little bites of meat, vegetables and seasoning, and make handy vehicles for any kind of semi-liquid sauce.

Pork is the general favorite way to go along the usual Asian-themed potsticker route. Those are a pretty common guest in our kitchen. But at some point, I get a little bored, and end up with something like this:

That’s chicken, artichoke heart, spinach, shallot, garlic and feta cheese, all chopped very fine, shoved into a dumpling wrapper, sealed, and fried.

Served with a Greek yogurt and roasted red pepper sauce, these little guys are creamy, salty, briny, citrus-y, and extremely delicious. Read on for the recipe.

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